Joomla CMS (Content Management System)


What can we do for you with the Joomla platform

  • Studying with you the features you need for the best use of the platform
  • Designing a system based on your specific needs, highlighting the procedures for using and developing the system
  • Customize the template of the site to best represent your business
  • Implement the specific platform and its implementation
  • Training on the use of the platform
  • Managing the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the platform
  • Managing the development and integration of content on the platform
  • Provide Domains Registration and Marketing
  • Provide Hosting services


  • Installing and Configuring CMS platform
  • Template customization
  • Installing extensions
  • Check installation and development platform
  • User training platform
  • Integration of content on the platform
  • Publishing platform


Joomla is one of the most popular CMS(Content Management System) available in the opensource community, developed with L.A.M.P. (Linux, Apache, MySql, Php) technology.
Born in 2005 with "Mambo" name, this opensource project has been re-branded as its actual new name, "Joomla!". It is the anglicised spelling of the Swahili word jumla meaning "all together" or "as a whole" and it is intended as community effort related project.
This opensource project counts now thousands of programmers working around the globe giving their contribute and support to the Joomla community, writing code, testing and compiling modules, components and plugins to build a better opensource CMS available to fit any of your web-project and need.
Joomla has now reached version 3.4 that is the latest production version available on the web is 3.4.x.

Among the main attractions of this powerful web platform we find:

  • dynamic and intuitive web interface
  • easy to use instruments
  • separate site administration and management
  • fast setup
  • robust platform
  • easy to expand
  • thousands on module and plugins available
  • open to user contributes
  • multilevel user access
  • easy management
  • popular web applications
  • automatic installation on most web hosts
  • tons of available templates
  • multilanguages system
  • automated updates
  • extensions directory available
  • demo site available

To test drive the demo site, you need to:
    Create Account
    You must create an account with a valid email address. Once registered, your account is created, and an email is sent to your email address. This email will contain an account activation link.
    Activate Account
    To activate your account click on the activation link contained in the email.
    Use Demos
    Once your account is activated you are free to login to the public frontend and the administrative backend.
All user accounts are given Super Administrator access and can perform all functions except those that could be abused. Each demo user account remains active for one month. Feel free to use the new demo resource and to share it with others interested in exploring Joomla's capabilities.


What Joomla can do for you:

  • realize a fast online dynamic site or portal for your interest
  • realize a contribution model for your users/clients
  • provide you access to both administration and management online platform
  • realize a fast and robust ecommerce platform
  • provide an easy online management
  • provide an easy updating management
  • provide a strong and expandable platform for your specific interest