The e-commerce or electronic commerce is the structure to provide the opportunity to make purchases online (through the internet and via computer) of products or services both digital and physical. Therefore, today's e-commerce is identified as a "site for generating online transactions."
The operators have at their disposal a platform hardware and software online where you can submit or "load" the digital products or pictures of their physical products, together with descriptions and information to facilitate their purchase.
Users surfers have the opportunity to find and view information about your products / services to their desired 7 days 7, 24 hours a day.
An e-commerce site is different in structure than to an evolved dynamic site to the presence of a shopping cart connected with electronic payment instruments provided by the major banks to transact online with confidence.
Electronic commerce provides, in contrast to traditional trade a whole range of benefits arising from closer contact with customers. However on the promotion aspect and emotional deviates greatly from it.


In Italy, the electronic commerce has not had an immediate diffusion due to the lack of confidence of the people towards this technology and the limited information related thereto. Common was the belief that the transactions were not safe, but often damages arising from online transactions were determined to be unreliable operators.
Today, most transactions take place on secure platforms managed by the most important banks in the world, aware that the safety of every single transaction is fundamental to the success of any business; All major banks now offer easy and intuitive online payment instruments suitable for any business. Furthermore, there are other realities that have always made the security of transactions their flag, one among them is PayPal which allows you to make online transactions without disclosing the information to our credit card.

Also for safety reasons, it is also possible by credit institutions, generate virtual credit card for each payment so you are assured that the number provided can not be used for any other transaction.
With this new awareness combined with greater information and security guarantees, even in the Italian e-commerce is experiencing a phase of development on a double-digit annual growth, despite the global economic crisis.
With open source software tools available today it is possible, even alone (with some specific technical training), create ecommerce sites that allow online sales.
The e-commerce sites are now a steadily increasing among small and medium-sized enterprises because they allow cost savings (compared to the activity "on the road") and a continuous, effective action to the users / customers who are gaining more confidence towards purchase online.
Many Italian companies also are studying or have implemented strategies for sale abroad, in the wake of the success that has always been the "real Italian products" have been all over the world and especially in emerging markets.
And while in this time of crisis, traditional commerce is down, in 2012 the value of italian online purchases exceeded 11 billion euro, an increase of over 18% compared to 2011. Also for the first time the sale of physical products online from Internet sites in Italy exceeds the value of the sale of services.

As for the diffusion of e-commerce, compared to other countries we are still far below the European average maturity especially for the offer: currently only 3-5% of Italian companies selling online. The development of electronic commerce in Italy, however, is now growing at double digits also driven by the success of the group buying sites (Groupon, Grupalia, Letsbonus ...) that has created a network access online sale to over 20,000 merchants .
The coupons can be considered a way in which businesses are started in the world of e-commerce since the Italian offer is more immature in demand. In 2011 alone, e-commerce users were nine million and the growth trend seen in the amount of orders per capita each year.
With a global market that online retail sales in 2012 exceeded the figure of 1,250 billion dollars, the development of online sales activity can no longer be postponed. The acquisition of market positions on the internet it is not a quick and easy process of implementation and competition of foreign countries, is becoming more aggressive.

The time to develop a marketing strategy online is now.

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