Wordpress CMS (Content Management System)



What can we do for you with the Wordpress platform

  • Studying with you the features you need for the best use of the platform
  • Designing a system based on your specific needs, highlighting the procedures for using and developing the system
  • Customize the template of the site to best represent your business
  • Implement the specific platform and its implementation
  • Training on the use of the platform
  • Managing the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the platform
  • Managing the development and integration of content on the platform
  • Provide Domains Registration and Marketing
  • Provide Hosting services


  • Installing and Configuring CMS platform
  • Template customization
  • Installing extensions
  • Check installation and development platform
  • User training platform
  • Integration of content on the platform
  • Publishing platform



Born in 2003 on the development of b2/cafelog, grew up to be one of the most popular CMS in existence today.

The technology platform based on LAMP (Linus, Apache, Mysql, Php) offers the possibility to create a blog or a website very easily, helping all those people/entities even if it requires a web platform but did not have the knowledge or the economic potential to develop your own. Wordpress it allows you, with a few simple steps online, to create an interactive platform to host your own blog or your website without worrying about the construction and management of the technological platform, the rest is left to our imagination.

The platform WordPress is an Open Source project, which means that hundreds of developers around the world working on it (more than many commercial realities). This also means that can be used freely by any person or company of any size.

The CMS can easily be customized and tailored to the specific needs of each user through the installation of themes and plugins that help you make the most of its potential.


2007 WordPress - Packt Open Source CMS Award.

2009 WordPress - Packt best Open Source CMS Awards.

2010 WordPress - Hall of Fame CMS category in the 2010 Open Source Awards.

2011 WordPress - Open Source Web App of the Year Award at The Critters.

After many successes and winning prestigious awards at the global level, the platform is launched in its new version 3.5, integrating also the ability to create a network of sub-domains (eg domain.wordpress.org; wordpress.org / domain) using the same primary installation.

Today wordpress is one of the most popular and globally recognized platform for the creation of blogs and websites.

The official home page is available at this link http://www.wordpress.org

The minimum requirements for the installation of this platform on a hosting service are:

PHP version 5.2.4 or greater

MySQL version 5.0 or greater