CMS training

CMS training

The development of a website based on open source platforms requires technical and management knowledge of these solutions to operate with safety and simplicity of ordinary maintenance and management of the website. Therefore, after the completion of your website, we offer specific training sessions to learn the main features of the platform used for both editors for administrators, providing the foundation to operate in full autonomy in the development of your business.

In the management of open source software we provide training on the main platforms on the market today .
The training provided is intended to provide the basis for the correct use of the main CMS (Content Management System) such as Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Prestashop and others.
During the training you will learn:

pianificazioneplanning the required solution;

piattaformachoice of open source platform;

dominiochoice of the domain;

hostinghosting choice;

progettazioneplanning the design of the platform;

preparazionepreparation for the installation;

installazioneinstallation of the platform;

configurazionebasic platform configuration;

personalizzazionepersonalization of the structure;

pianificazioneplanning permission;

gestionethe content management;

sicurezzasafety management;

pubblicazionepublication of the site;

manutenzionesystem maintenance;

at the end of the training course will have acquired the necessary knowledge to assess the structure web hosting platform, the differences between the various platforms, the acquisition of a web domain and its configuration, elements of the installation of an open source platform, its configuration, customization of the platform, the basic configuration of the platform and the associated permissions, content management, security management, the publication of the platform, content publication.The purpose of training is to provide the foundation for dynamic and evolved websites creation to suit every type of user, in full autonomy.

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