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Creating website

The website creation provides a thorough study on the actual needs of each company , since NOT ALL WEB SITES ARE THE SAME. Although you can consider the same functionality, goals, settings, each site differs from all the others, not only in content but also in the use and expectations. Therefore, it is logical to start the construction of a website with a thorough analysis of what is expected of it, and how a site can meet the expectations. In a preliminary analysis it must be considered with due care, not just the graphics (as many expect), but above all the functionality that the site must be made available to users navigators. The primary goal of every website is to capture the attention of surfers to the services and products that are offered on the same site , presenting the best of their ability, based on the real strengths of the products/services offered.

But how to condense into a few simple pages what surfers are looking for?

How to offer a browsing experience simple and effective, exciting and productive on the website?

How to turn visitors into customers and make them active, involved the company's success?

How to use a web platform to channel the public's attention towards the products and services offered?

The solutions today are varied, from static site to dynamic site , from the site " do it yourself "”, to professional platform, from the window to the interaction. Everything goes through the design and implementation of the website. Today, the tools available to anyone who wants to create a website are innumerable, both for purchase and open source, therefore, the creation of a site is accessible to everyone, from beginners to the most experienced . But you need to know the differences that separate one solution from another, what parameters are necessary for the creation of a website, such as resources, how to use them. In addition to standard tools of promotion and communication, the web offers the ability to maintain an active contact with their customers. Therefore, it is necessary to know and to design communication strategies evolved from the time of designing the website. Designing a website means to perform a preliminary analysis of the needs of the client, the category of product or service, its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, its positioning relative to the competition, the possibility of interaction with surfers and customers as well as their expectations, the keys of action and the reasons for purchase. Then define the possible functionality of the site and its interactions, then the layout and the colors associated.

We will see in detail all the necessary resources for the implementation of a site from a static site to a dynamic site, we will take into account the differences in the capabilities of each solution and the resources used by giving a broad overview of the tools available.

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